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Detection Security Co., Inc.'s door access systems are designed to control who may enter or leave a premise based on day of week, holidays, before or after hours, time of day, or authorization levels.


Door access keeps the unwelcome out. It also controls and documents the movement of employees and helps keep the honest, honest.


A door access system can be as simple as a keypad and an electric strike. It can be as complex as a software-driven system encompassing a multitude of exterior and interior doors.


Detection's access systems are custom designed to match our customer's needs and wants. Some systems are basic (for access control only); others integrate the intrusion alarm and the CCTV (meaning that swiping your access card to open the door also disarms the intrusion alarm system). Here are some of the options available:



Max 3 system advantages:

  • Fast, reliable communications. Industry standard RS-485 communication can be used over either LAN/WAN, Serial, or Modem connections.
  • System Dashboard Utility. A unique feature of Hub Manager Professional Software which allows operators to view the status and events of system doors, as well as lock or relock doors from a PC.
  • System Setup Tasklist. Video tutorial and setup wizards that are available in a checklist user interface to indicate completed tasks.
  • Configuration Flexibility. Accommodates single-door to multi-door installations. Multiple cabinet designs support distributed installations with Mini-Max 3 and home run installations with Max 3.
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NetAXS is now available as a one-, two-, or three-door access control system. NetAXS-123 offers the scalability to manage a single door or more than 100 using just one system. Built with a modular design, adding doors is easy and affordable. NetAXS enables users to manage their system using the Internet without the added costs of a dedicated PC. It's simple to install, operate, and maintain, just what access control should be. Data Sheet


Honeywell's WIN-PAK® software suite provides a range of solutions from access control only to fully integrated security solutions. WIN-PAK's powerful user interface allows dealers to install a single software for all their customers' security needs.

  • WIN-PAK XE (Express Edition). The baseline software package for access control only. Manage NetAXS and NS2/NS2P controllers from a single workstation. Ideal for single workstation systems requiring access only functionality.
  • WIN-PAK SE 3.0 (Standard Edition). A software package for access control and standard video integration. The add-on VISTA® intrusion module can further enhance the integration solution. Ideal for small to medium integrated security applications; available in one or five workstation versions.
  • WIN-PAK PE 3.0 (Professional Edition). An all-inclusive software package combining all the features of XE and SE plus an unrestricted number of client workstations; VISTA® intrusion and advanced video integration; support for multiple department/site applications; and multiple communication servers for large applications. No additional upgrades needed.
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