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Detection Security Co., Inc. custom designs every burglar alarm system to the individual customer's needs, lifestyle, or working environment. We design, install, and monitor systems for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.


The map below will give you an idea of possible locations for burglar alarm devices in a residential security system. Remember, your security needs might vary, so it's best to work with your sales representative to design a system that's best for you.




Explanation of Devices used:


Door/Window Switches -- Used to detect the opening of a specific door or window. A variety of types and styles are available, depending on the usage of the door or window and the building construction. If an intruder tries to pry open an armed door or window, an alarm is triggered.


Indoor Horns -- Alert residents that an alarm has been activated. Large homes might require more than one horn.


Glassbreak Detectors -- Used to cover specific windows or sets of windows, depending on the distance between windows. If an intruder breaks a protected window, an alarm is triggered.


Motion Detectors -- Used for interior space protection. These detectors offer a wide variety of coverage; many brands now are immune to pet movement within the home.


Panic Buttons -- Used for personal safety, these devices transmit a silent alarm to the central station to summon police.


Keypads -- Used to arm and disarm the system. Various styles are available, depending on the system purchased. Not all keypads have LCD displays.


Outdoor Sirens -- Used to draw attention when an alarm is triggered. Outdoor sirens are generally loud enough to be heard by neighbors.