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Detection Security Co., Inc.'s Residential Wireless Security System Package includes:


1-DCS Alexor Wireless Control Panel w/ built-in siren

1-Control Panel backup battery

1-Control Panel Transformer

1-Wireless Remote Keyfob

Wireless Communicator (cellular)

2-Wireless Door Contacts

1-Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector

1-Wireless Alpha Display Keypad w/ Panic Buttons

Yard Sign and Decals

Price: $399.00 (includes installation, tax, and labor)


If you'd like additional optional security devices, we invite you to help design your own system. Use the chart below to calculate costs and when you're ready, please complete the form and submit it to us. You can print out the Confirmation document that then appears. We will contact you on the following business day during normal hours, using the information you provided.



Price (ea.) Optional Devices (includes tax & labor) Quantity Total
$399.00 Base Amount -- includes installation, tax, and labor
$144.00 WT5500 Wireless Alpha Display Keypad
$157.00 WT5500PB Wireless Prox. Alpha Keypad
$18.00 PT4 Prox. Tag
$43.00 DC-WS4939 Wireless 4-button Keyfob
$70.00 WT4901 Wireless Indoor Siren
$120.00 WT4911B Wireless Outdoor Siren w/ Strobe
$88.00 WS4904P Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector
$87.00 DC-WLS912433 Wireless Glassbreak Detector
$55.00 WS4945 Wireless Door/Window Contact
$99.00 EV-DW4927 Wireless Shock Sensor w/ Contact
$86.00 WS4916 Wireless Photoelectric Smoke Detector
$84.00 WS4913 Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
$65.00 WS4985 Wireless Water Sensor
$91.00 WI-TA40/WS4945 Wireless Temp Alert
$130.00 WS4920 Wireless Repeater
  System Price Installed:  


Central Station Monitoring (includes cellular usage; 36-mo. minimum monitoring required) - $39.00 per month

Remote Interactive Service available - $6.00 per month additional