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Detection Security Co., Inc. offers a Personal Emergency Reporting System that provides push button emergency assistance to anyone who desires additional security and peace of mind.


We don't just ship you the unit and expect you to install it, either. We will send a technician to you to install the unit and instruct you on its operation (providing, of course, that you're within our service area).


The Personal Emergency Reporting System is a supervised wireless emergency reporting product designed for personal use. The table-top console provides pushbutton emergency assistance. For the visually impaired, each button on the console is molded with Braille characters to identify the button's function.


The console can be used with up to 16 wireless transmitters. Activating a transmitter causes the console's digital communicator to send the appropriate alarm report to the Central Monitoring Station via the standard telephone network. In addition to the Central Station report, audible and visual indications occur, and the alarm relay energizes during an emergency activation.


The console will talk digitally to the user. The digitized voice will sound emergency, fire, supervisory prompts, and other system operation from a 38-word vocabulary. The console's built in high sensitivity microphone and speaker will allow the user to communicate with the Central Station operator hands free.


The console is powered by a low voltage plug-in transformer. The unit also utilizes a rechargeable backup battery for operation during AC power outages.


The Pendant style features one button and is water resistant.


This long range supervised transmitter is designed for use in emergency applications. It comes with an adjustable lanyard with breakaway release and has a two-color activation indicator.


The Pendant is available in a white or a black case.



The Wristwatch style of Personal Emergency Reporting System is another long range supervised transmitter designed for use in emergency applications.


The Wristwatch features one button and is water resistant.


It comes with an adjustable silicone wristband and has a two-color activation indicator.



The Emergency Alarm Transmitter features a large, easy to find, bright red HELP button.


To activate the transmitter, press the button. A digitally coded wireless signal will be sent to the receiver.


The transmitter can be placed on a table or wall mounted using the integral snap-on mounting bracket.


System Pricing (includes one control unit with accessories and one wireless transmitter):


Activation fee -- $83.00

Monthly monitoring -- $30.95

Additional transmitters available upon request. Installation charges will be assessed for each additional transmitter. Detection Security Co., Inc. retains ownership of all equipment installed.


If a landline phone isn't available at the premise, a cellular unit can be installed for alarm communications and two-way voice.

Installation fee -- $163.00

Monthly cellular usage fee -- $14.00


Additional Protection Available/Recommended


Smoke and carbon monoxide detection are available for use with the PERS control unit (not intended for whole house protection).



This supervised photoelectric smoke detector transmitter sounds a loud local alarm when smoke is detected.


Twenty seconds after the local alarm sounds, the built-in transmitter sends a digitally coded wireless signal to the receiver.


The wireless signal will be repeated every 20 seconds as long as smoke is still present.



This supervised carbon monoxide detector transmitter provides a warning to alert against the acute and chronic effects of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning.


When carbon monoxide is detected, the alarm sounds a loud local signal. The built-in transmitter sends a digitally coded wireless signal to its companion receiver every 10 seconds until the air has cleared and the detector is restored.




Installation fee for each smoke detector -- $97.00

Installation fee for each CO detector -- $106.00