"Making your security our business since 1975"

Wireless Alarm Response Network (WARN) by Detection Security Co., Inc. brings you tomorrow's security today with products from AES Corporation - Intellinet.


Security is a chain made up of four important links:


  • Detection
  • Control
  • Communication
  • Response


Your protection is secure only when all four links are intact. WARN radio communications network reinforces the communication link to the central monitoring station without wires.


Why is that important to you?


  • Telephone systems are susceptible to problems caused by weather, accidents, equipment failure, natural disasters, and criminal tampering. Our WARN radio backup system isn't affected by weather or telephone system failures.
  • WARN can be used as a primary communicator, even if you've eliminated your landline phone.


Why is WARN the best?


  • WARN uses radio to link your alarm to the central station. There are no outside wires to be cut or fail.
  • The radio backup unit and antenna are located in a secure area of your premise.
  • Detection Security Co., Inc. owns and maintains the WARN network, so you don't have to depend on a third party provider.
  • WARN is a two-way radio network. Every alarm message is confirmed by the receiver or repeated until it gets through, letting you know the message was received.
  • WARN uses a new, patented, "smart" routing technology to ensure your alarm message gets through.


When you subscribe to the wireless communications system, your critical alarm messages have as many as seven alternate paths to reach the central station. A telephone line provides only one.


Contact us to add the WARN radio link to your security chain.


(WARN is not yet available in all service areas.)